Arlington Real Estate Information

Arlington is part of the Greater Boston area, although it is not technically considered a part of the city of Boston. Arlington is a separate community, incorporated independent from the “Athens of America”, although it is found a mere six miles away from the most important city in New England. Arlington is largely residential in nature, meaning that most Arlington real estate is composed of low rise housing complexes, single family homes, and smaller apartment buildings, although exceptions do of course exist. Arlington is considered a part of Middlesex County, and is situated to the northwest of Boston. Arlington has a population of approximately forty two thousand, four hundred residents, although that figure may have changed since the last census was taken in the year two thousand.

The area which is now considered Arlington was originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Algonquian Tribe, who lived there for literally thousands of years before the arrival of European explorers. English colonists first established a foothold in modern-day Arlington in the year sixteen thirty five, meaning that it is one of the earliest colonies in the Bay State. Arlington was originally a part of the city of Cambridge, and was known as Menotomy, which is a Native American term for “swift running water.” The land including Arlington was incorporated as a town independent of Cambridge in the year eighteen seven, although the community did not receive its current name until the year eighteen sixty seven.

Arlington is governed by a five-member Board of Selectmen as well as a Town Manager. The members of the Board are Clarissa Rowe, John W. Hurd, Annie LaCourt, Diane Mahon, and Kevin Greeley, while the town manager is Brian Sullivan. The educational needs of Arlington are met primarily by the Arlington Public School system, which includes seven public elementary schools, Ottoson Middle School, and Arlington High School. Arlington is also home to the Arlington Catholic High School, Alivia Elementary School, Lesley Ellis School, and Saint Agnes School. Residents of Arlington properties can also enjoy the Jason Russell House, Spy Pond Park, Menotomy Rocks Park, the Minuteman Bikeway, the Uncle Sam Memorial Statue, and the Arlington Center Historic District.