Belmont Real Estate Information

Belmont is a medium sized community found in the Greater Boston portion of the Bay State, Massachusetts. Belmont has a population of approximately twenty four thousand two hundred residents, and is technically considered a part of Middlesex County, the most heavily populated portion of Massachusetts. Belmont is a largely residential area, although there are some commercial and light industrial sections of the town. Belmont real estate is heavily utilized by those who commute into Boston on a regular basis, signifying the transition of the town to the status of a de facto bedroom community. Belmont takes its name from the large estate of John Perkins Cushing, one of the founding fathers of Belmont, although the name of the property had an extra ā€œlā€.

The area which is now considered Belmont was of course originally inhabited by Native Americans, especially those from the Algonquian Tribe, who lightly settled the region more than ten thousand years ago. European explorers took a much longer time to arrive in modern-day Belmont, with English colonists arriving starting in the year sixteen thirty six. Belmont itself was not officially incorporated until the year eighteen fifty nine, until which time it was a part of several neighboring communities. These towns, which are the modern day neighbors of Belmont,include Arlington, Watertown, and Waltham. Belmont has been relatively stable in terms of composition, population, and growth since the nineteen fifties. The architecture of Belmont properties has also remained largely the same for the last sixty years.

The educational needs of Belmont are met primarily by the Belmont Public Schools, which encompasses Belmont, Mary Lee Burbank, Daniel Butler, Winn Brook, and Roger Wellington Elementary Schools, Winthrop L. Cherney Middle School, and Belmont High School, which was rated as one of the one hundred best public high schools in the United States by US News and World Reports. Belmont is governed by a three person board of selectmen and a town administrator in addition to a representative town meeting. Notable residents of Belmont throughout the years include Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Nozick, Henry Kissinger, and Fredrick Law Olmsted.