Brighton Real Estate Information

Brighton is one of the primary residential neighborhoods of the city of Boston. Brighton is found in the northwestern portion of Bean Town, and is not incorporated as a separate community independent from Boston. Brighton is often considered jointly with the adjacent neighborhood of Allston, leading to the combined area of Allston-Brighton. Although Brighton is considered a part of Boston, it does have a separate zip code from the downtown area, 02135. Some of the older nicknames of Brighton reference its traditional relationship with the city of Cambridge, such as “Little Cambridge”, “South Cambridge”, and the “Third Parish.” Brighton is one of the oldest communities in the state of Massachusetts, leading to a large number of historically and culturally significant sites in the region.

The history of Brighton is an interesting and complex story in itself, although it is not entirely unique from the chronicles of other nearby communities. The area which is now considered Brighton was first inhabited by Native Americans of the Algonquian tribe, although their influence quickly ebbed after the arrival of European settlers starting in the year sixteen thirty. Little Cambridge, as Brighton was originally known as, was founded by Puritan settlers who were leaving Cambridge. Cattle and farming were important to Brighton during the late seventeen hundreds and the early eighteen hundreds. Brighton was officially incorporated in the year eighteen seven, although it became a part of the city of Boston in the year eighteen seventy four.

The educational needs of Brighton are met by a number of public and private institutions, including the Boston Public Schools. The most important public institution in Brighton is the eponymous Brighton High School, while the most significant private school is Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Some nearby colleges and universities, a few of which are partially located in Brighton itself, include Boston College, Boston University, Saint John's Seminary, and the world-famous Harvard University. Notable residents of Brighton properties throughout the years include Michael Bloomberg, William Gavin, Steve DeOssie, and Patrick Kennedy. Brighton real estate is composed primarily of single family houses, although there are also a number of low rise apartments and condominiums as well.