Brookline Real Estate Information

Brookline is a medium sized community found in the eastern portion of the Bay State, Massachusetts. Brookline is sandwiched between the cities of Boston and Newton, although it is incorporated separate from either of these two communities. Brookline has a population of approximately fifty seven thousand one hundred residents, making it comparatively large for the independent suburban cities of the Greater Boston area. Brookline is considered a part of Norfolk County, which borders the much more heavily populated Middlesex County. Brookline was originally known as Muddy River, a namesake for a body of water along the Boston-Brookline border. The current name of the community is taken from the brooks that make community lines with the towns of Brighton and Roxbury.

Brookline covers a total area of slightly less than seven square miles, of which only a minuscule portion is standing surface water. The territory that now makes up Brookline was originally a part of Algonquian Native American territory, at least until the arrival of European settlers in the seventeenth century. English settlers, predominately those of the Puritan faith, started to populate Brookline as well as the rest of the Boston area in the first half of the sixteen hundreds. Brookline was officially incorporated under its current name in the year seventeen five, and unlike a number of other nearby communities, which were eventually incorporated into the adjacent major city of Boston. There is even a historically documented debate about the “independence” of Brookline, known as the “Brookline-Boston annexation debate of 1873”.

Brookline real estate is especially sought after because of the well-known scenic beauty of the town. Andrew Jackson Downing characterized the town in the following manner: “The whole of this neighborhood of Brookline is a kind of landscape garden, and there is nothing in America of the sort, so inexpressibly charming as the lanes which lead from one cottage or villa, to another.” Educational opportunities in Brookline are offered by the Public Schools of Brookline in addition to a number of private institutions, colleges, and universities. Points of interest in Brookline include Larz Anderson Park, the birthplace of John F. Kennedy, and Coolidge Corner.