Dedham Real Estate Information

Dedham is a medium sized community found near the largest city in New England, the state capital of Massachusetts, Boston. Dedham has a population of approximately twenty three thousand, five hundred residents, and is a part of Norfolk County. Dedham serves as the county seat of Norfolk County, and remains governmentally independent from the city of Boston. Dedham borders a number of other Massachusetts towns, including Needham, Westwood, and Canton. Dedham is currently governed by Town Administrator Bill Keegan, and a five person Board of Selectmen. Dedham has a nickname of “contentment”, a tribute to the high quality of Dedham real estate. Dedham covers a total area of just over ten and a half square miles, including a small fraction of standing surface water.

The area which is now considered Dedham was originally inhabited by the Algonquian tribe of Native Americans, as was the majority of the Greater Boston region. Dedham was settled a small amount of time later than the rest of the area, considering that the first European settlers arrived in the year sixteen thirty five. It is still, of course, a highly historic region, being more than three hundred and seventy years old. Dedham was officially incorporated in the same year, and hosted the notable Sacco and Vanzetti trial in the nineteen twenties. Dedham is occasionally referred to as the “mother of towns”, considering that Dedham at some point included a grand total of fourteen communities which are now technically different towns, cities, and neighborhoods.

Dedham real estate has easy access to plenty of community groups and organizations, including the American Legion, the Knights of Columbus, the Rotary Club, the Dedham Historical Society, the Dedham Square Circle, and the Friends of the Dedham Public Library. Notable attractions in Dedham include the Fairbanks House, the Museum of Bad Art, the Endicott House, Mother Brook, and the Family Dollar. Notable residents of Dedham throughout the years include Louisa May Alcott, Fisher Ames, Samuel Dexter, Horace Mann, and Paul McCabe. There are also numerous public and private institutions throughout the Dedham area, including plenty of prestigious universities.