Downtown Boston Real Estate Information

Downtown Boston is the portion of Bean town that is generally considered to include the Financial District of Boston, Chinatown, and Government Center, although no official designation exists. The boundaries of downtown Boston may be fluid, but basically the area consists of most the high rises, large office buildings, and skyscrapers that make up the skyline of Boston, as well as the smaller stores, commercial regions, and residential areas that fill out the ground level. Downtown Boston has some of the most expensive prices in the entire northeast, thanks to the outstanding convenience of the apartments, commercial office space, and other properties found in the area. Downtown Boston real estate also has easy access to other parts of the city and Greater Boston via the MBTA transit system, which operates throughout the “Athens of America.”

Government Center and the Financial District represent the city government and the economic powerhouse of New England, respectively. A number of national and international companies have their headquarters in downtown Boston, including The Debt Exchange, Fidelity Investments, the State Street Bank, Sovereign Ban, and WilmerHale. There are also a variety of critical government buildings in the downtown Boston area, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Boston City Hall, the Government Service Center, and the local and district courts. The scenic location known as Post Office Square is also considered a part of downtown Boston, and is an architectural counterpoint to the rather imposing Government Center in terms of design and layout.

One of the most culturally significant areas in New England is located in Downtown Boston – Chinatown, which is the only traditionally Chinese region in the entire Northeast. Downtown Boston properties offer easy access to the multifarious shops, bazaars, and restaurants throughout Chinatown, including non-Chinese establishments. Transportation around the entirety of downtown Boston is of course facilitated by the highly-rated Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, or MBTA, which is responsible for maintaining and running a number of local buses, the subway system, and the farther-reaching commuter rail. There are also plenty of opportunities to walk around in downtown Boston, leading to the region's nickname of the “Walking City”.