Needham Real Estate Information

Needham is a medium sized community situated on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. Needham is not an incorporated part of the city of Boston, although it is without a doubt heavily influenced by the presence of Bean Town on its borders. Needham had a population of approximately twenty eight thousand, nine hundred residents as of the census conducted in the year two thousand. Those figures may have changed considerably, however, in the subsequent nine years, given the variable nature of the Greater Boston region. The best estimates of the current population of Needham is approximately thirty one thousand eight hundred residents, evidencing the popularity of Needham real estate to those who regularly commute to Boston. Although Needham is a suburb of Boston, it is not located in Suffolk County, instead being found in neighboring Norfolk County.

The European history of the area which is now considered Needham began almost half a century after the first English settlers arrived in the Greater Boston area. Needham was purchased from Chief Nehoiden in the year sixteen eighty, after which settlers began to arrive in force. Needham was officially incorporated in the year seventeen eleven, at which point it split off from the neighboring town of Dedham. Needham takes its name from Needham Market in Dedham, and was actively involved in the large reclamation projects that took place in Boston during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Needham covers a total area of approximately twelve and two thirds square miles, including less than one tenth of a square mile of water. The educational needs of Needham are met primarily by the Needham Public Schools, which include Broadmeadow, Eliot, Hillside, Mitchell, and Newman elementary schools, William F. Pollard Middle School, and Needham High School. There are also a number of private schools, both parochial and secular, in and around Needham real estate, including Saint Sebastian's School, Saint Joseph Elementary School, James J Haddad Middle School, and the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Notable residents of Needham properties throughout the years include Charlie Baker, Jeff Taylor, Harold Russell, and Sarah Saltzberg.