Boston Seaport Real Estate Information

The Seaport region of the city of Boston is dominated by a single residential property and a single pier, although the area is still convenient to a number of places in South and downtown Boston. Seaport is found in South Boston, and includes the Seaport Hotel and the Seaport World Trade Center. Seaport properties, which are entirely located in the high rise, are found along Commonwealth Pier, which is also known as the Boston waterfront. The present day Seaport area is relatively new compared to the rest of South Boston. The Seaport Hotel was not opened until the year nineteen ninety eight, and the property did not reach its current condition until the present year, thanks to a round of renovations.

The history of the Commonwealth Pier portion of the Seacoast region is something of an interesting story in itself. Commonwealth Pier came into existence in the year nineteen one, just after the turn of the twentieth century and towards the end of the heavy wave of immigration from Ireland. At the time of its construction, Commonwealth Pier was the largest pier in the entire world, and was designed to make a place for the largest ships entering Boston harbor in an attempt to boost the maritime economy. Commonwealth Pier became obsolete towards the end of the nineteen seventies, at which time the Pier was changed into the World Trade Center Boston by Fidelity Investments and the Drew Company.

Seacoast real estate is almost all found in the Seaport Hotel, which was noted by Forbes Traveler as one of America's Greenest Hotels. The Seaport Hotel has also received recognition from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the City of Boston, and the Massachusetts Lodging Association. The Seaport Hotel is home to a total of four hundred and twenty eight guest rooms, forty one meeting rooms, an amphitheater, and an exhibition center. Seacoast is also just a short drive, bus, or subway drive away from the many attractions of downtown Boston, including shopping, fine dining, and historic points of interest. The Seacoast is also home to some excellent views of Boston Harbor, especially at dusk during the sunset.