Somerville Real Estate Information

Somerville is a relatively large city found very close to the most populous urban center in New England, Boston, Massachusetts. Somerville has a population of approximately seventy seven thousand five hundred residents, at least as of the last census, which was conducted nine years ago in the year two thousand. Somerville real estate is packed rather tightly together, as evidenced by the fact that Somerville is considered the most densely populated incorporated place in the New England. Somerville is situated in Middlesex County, just north of the state capital of Boston. Somerville is currently governed by Mayor Joseph A Curtatone and a city council, and covers a total area of less than four and a third square miles.

The area which is now considered Somerville was originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Algonquian tribe, which for thousands of years had a heavy, nearly exclusive influence over the Bay State of Massachusetts. European settlers first arrived in modern-day Somerville in the year sixteen thirty, although at that time the community was still a part of Charlestown. Somerville was officially incorporated as a city independent from Charlestown and Boston in the year eighteen forty two, and for a time toyed with the name of “Walford”. Somerville's economy was well known for being heavily industrial and lower class, although Somerville real estate has become more lucrative in recent years. Somerville is divided into a number of squares, neighborhoods, and hills, which include Davis Square, the Inner Belt District, Prospect Hill, Central Hill, Winter Hill, and Tufts.

Somerville has become steadily more diverse in terms of ethnic background and cultural influences over the years. Currently, Somerville has large constituencies of Irish Americans, Italian Americans, and Portuguese Americans in addition to smaller groups of South American and Asian-American families. The educational needs of Somerville are met primarily by the Somerville Public Schools, which includes a grand total of thirteen schools, such as the East Somerville Community School and Somerville High School. Notable residents of Somerville properties throughout the years include Isaac Asimov, Hal Clement, Michael Capuano, Barack Obama, and John Shea.