South Boston Real Estate Information

South Boston is one of several heavily populated working class sections of Boston, Massachusetts. South Boston has a proud cultural tradition, especially focusing on the predominately Irish ethnic makeup of South Boston. South Boston has been mostly Irish for more than a hundred years, a byproduct of the huge wave of immigration from Ireland during the nineteenth century. This influence is so strong that there was a mural in the middle of South Boston that says “Welcome to South Boston” in both English and Irish in addition to displaying the coat of arms of Ireland, “Sinn Fein”, “Irish Republican Army”, a Celtic Cross, and “Noraid”. Sadly, in order to make way for a number of South Boston properties, specifically a condominium complex.

Unfortunately, portions of South Boston were, and continue to be, rather poor by the standards of the Bay State. While conditions of South Boston have improved substantially since their nadir in the nineteen nineties, there are still plenty of investment opportunities to be found in South Boston real estate. South Boston began its existence as a part of the neighborhood of Dorchester, on the thin isthmus known as the Dorchester Neck. Upon the expansion of the Neck both in terms of landfilling and population growth, South Boston began to develop a separate identity, which it maintains to the present day. There is also an increasing Lithuanian and Polish presence in South Boston, lending a sense of diversity to the formerly homogeneous neighborhood.

The educational needs of South Boston are met by a number of public and private institutions at all different levels of academics and cost. Some of these schools include Excel High School, Monument High School, Odyssey High School, five public middle and elementary schools, Gate of Heaven Elementary School, Saint Brigid School, Saint Peter Academy, and Julie's Family Learning Center. South Boston is home to the South Boston Neighborhood House, the South Boston Branch Library, the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, and the South Boston Community Health Center. South Boston also offers the beautiful Castle Island, as well as Fort Independence, both of which are recognized on the state and national registers of historic places.