South End Real Estate Information

The South End of Boston is an upper middle class residential neighborhood of Bean Town, found, as the name suggests, in the general southern direction of downtown Boston. South End real estate largely consists of single family homes, condominium complexes, and apartment buildings, indicating the gradual gentrification of the region towards the end of the twentieth century. The South End borders a number of other Boston neighborhoods, including Back Bay, Roxbury, South Boston, Bay Village, and Dorchester. South End did not even exist until the middle of the nineteenth century, when the land on which the community is now built was filled in from an old tidal marsh. The majority of the buildings in South Bay are residential, although there are two primary commercial districts, Tremont and Washington Streets.

The educational needs of the South End are met primarily by the Boston Public Schools, which is one of the largest conglomerate of educational institutions in the entire Northeast. There are also a number of private and parochial schools scattered in and around the South End, including dozens of institutions operated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. Boston College was originally located in the South End, although it has since relocated to the suburban community of Chestnut Hill. Currently, South End is the place to find the Boston Ballet, the Boston University Medical Center, and the Boston Center for the Arts. The South End also maintains the South End Community Health Center, the South End Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trust, and the South End Historical Society.

One of the hidden treasures of the South End is the wide variety of ethnic cuisine, an interesting counterpoint to the predominately Italian restaurants of the North End. Some of the restaurant types available near South End properties include Middle Eastern, Japanese, French, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Indian, Korean, Cuban, and Greek. Recognizable landmarks in the South End of Boston include Dartmouth Place, the Holy Cross Cathedral, the Fountain in Union Park, Union Park itself, and Tremont Street. South End is also convenient to the major attractions of the Boston area, including shops, restaurants, and historic sites.