Waltham Real Estate Information

Waltham is a relatively large, predominately suburban community found on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. Waltham has a population of approximately fifty nine thousand, two hundred residents, although that figure may have changed substantially since the last census was taken in the year two thousand. Waltham is situated in Middlesex County, and is often nicknamed “Watch City” due to the strong influence of watchmaking in the community's history. The term Waltham literally means “home in the woods”, a term which seems rather ironic in the present day, but that is understandable given the context in which the name was conferred. Waltham covers a total area of approximately thirteen and a half square miles, including just under one square mile of standing surface water.

Waltham is currently governed by Mayor Jeannette McCarthy, who exercises executive power in a counterpoint to the Waltham city council's legislative responsibilities. The area which is now considered Waltham was of course first explored and settled by Algonquian Native Americans, although their influence quickly faded after the arrival of English settlers in the first half of the seventeenth century. Waltham's European residents first arrived in the year sixteen thirty four, although Waltham was technically considered a part of adjacent Watertown until it was incorporated as a separated community in the year seventeen thirty eight. Waltham has an especially important role in American history, since it is recognized as being one of the starting points of the American Industrial Revolution, since Francis Cabot Lowell established the Boston Manufacturing Company in the nineteenth century.

The educational needs of Waltham are met primarily by the Waltham Public School system, which includes Northeast, Fitzgerald, MacArthur, Plympton, Whittemore, and Stanley Elementary Schools, McDevitt and Kennedy Middle Schools, and Waltham High School. Residents of Waltham properties can take advantage of a number of private schools as well, in addition to Brandeis University, Bentley University, and a part of Boston University. Points of interest located near Waltham real estate include the Charles River, the Embassy Cinema, the Rose Art Museum, the Charles River Museum of Industry, and the Robert Treat Paine Estate.