Watertown Real Estate Information

Watertown is a medium sized community found near the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts in Middlesex County. Watertown has a population of approximately thirty two thousand nine hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the Bay State. Watertown is currently governed by Mayor Michale Driscoll, along with a city council. Watertown is relatively small in terms of physical size, and covers a total land area of just over four square miles in addition to one tenth of a square mile of surface water. Watertown real estate is mostly suburban and residential in area, which is not surprising considering the fact that many residents of Watertown make a daily commute to the much larger city of Boston, Massachusetts.

The area which is now considered Watertown was originally the domain of the Algonquian Tribe of Native Americans, who explored and settled almost the entirety of Massachusetts more than ten thousand years ago. European explorers and settlers first arrived in Watertown in the year sixteen thirty, in the second wave of settlements around the current Boston area. Watertown, which was also known as Waterton,was officially incorporated later during the same year. Watertown was once a regional rival to Boston in terms of size and population, although it has since declined in both areas. Watertown was originally known as Saltonstall Plantation, a tribute to one of the founding fathers, Sir Richard Saltonstall. Watertown holds an important role in Massachusetts history, as it was the meeting place for both the Massachusetts General Court and the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts for a while during the seventeen seventies.

Watertown properties have been home to a number of notable and famous residents throughout the years. Some of these individuals include Convers Francis, Chalres Brigham, Eliza Dushku, Frederick Crawford, Hrach Gregorian, Thomas Reilly, Jerry York, and Stephan Mugar. The educational needs of Watertown are met primarily by the Watertown Public Schools, which includes Watertown High School and a number of elementary and middle schools. Watertown also offers easy access to more than fiftty colleges and universities found in the greater Boston area, including Harvard, Brandeis, Northeastern, Boston College, and Boston University.