Wellesley Real Estate Information

Wellesley is a medium sized community found near the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts. Wellesley has a population of approximately twenty six thousand six hundred residents, and is technically designated as a town of the state of Massachusetts. Wellesley real estate is mostly residential, and includes a considerable portion of college students and daily commuters to Boston. Wellesley is found in Norfolk County, and is governed by a town meeting and an executive director. Wellesley is larger than many Boston-area independent incorporated communities, covering a total of almost exactly ten and a half square miles, including a little less than one third of a square mile of standing surface water. Wellesley is a highly historic community, including a historic district and a number of historically significant sites.

The first settlers and explorers of modern day Wellesley and the surrounding communities, as well as the rest of Massachusetts, were of course Algonquian Native Americans, although their influence plummeted dramatically within the first few years of European influence. English settlers began to colonize what is now considered Wellesley in the year sixteen thirty, although at that point in time it was a part of Dedham. Wellesley was not officially incorporated as an independent town until the year eighteen eighty one. The center of Wellesley's historic district is Cottage Street, where the majority of structures were constructed about a hundred and fifty years ago. These Wellesley properties were the residences of many of Wellesley's most influential individuals, and are also architecturally important.

The most important part of Wellesley is arguably Wellesley Square, which is formed by the convergence of Washington, Central, and Church Streets as well as their respective side streets and alleyways. This area has most of Wellesley's important commercial structures in addition to restaurants, book stores, and gift shops. Wellesley is usually subdivided into the aforementioned Wellesley Square as well as Wellesley Hills, Wellesley Farms, Wellesley Falls, Wellesley Lower Falls, Wellesley Fells, and Sheridan Hills. Wellesley has one of the highest rated public high schools in the nation, Wellesley High School, as well as Wellesley College, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Olin College, and Babson College.