Weston Real estate Information

Weston is a highly affluent and prestigious suburb of the capital of the Bay State, Boston. Weston has an estimated population of approximately eleven thousand seven hundred residents, and is considered a part of Middlesex County. Weston is technically designated as an independent, separately incorporated town, although a number of Weston residents own Weston real estate but commute daily to their jobs in downtown Boston. Weston ranks as one of the most expensive and upper class towns in the entire United States, and is the wealthiest in the Greater Boston area according to the measure of per capita income. Weston is also notable for having an extremely low crime rate and an excellent public schools system – two factors which make Weston properties very expensive and extremely desirable.

The early history of the area which is now considered Weston is largely unknown, although archaeological and historical studies seem to indicate that the original inhabitants of Weston as well as much of the rest of Massachusetts were Native Americans from the Algonquian Tribe. Weston was settled thousands of years after the arrival of Native Americans by the English, who originally designated modern-day Weston as a precinct of Watertown. The settlement of Weston took place about sixty years later than the first couple ways of settlement in the then Bay Colony, and Weston was not officially incorporated as an independent town until the year seventeen thirteen. Weston is officially governed by an open town meeting, and covers a total area of just under seventeen and a third square miles.

Educational opportunities are offered to residents of Weston real estate by a number of public and private institutions both in Weston itself and in the Greater Boston area. Weston High School is ranked as the number sixty best high school in the entire country by US News and World Report, while the community is also home to Weston Middle School, Regis College, the Cambridge School of Weston, Rivers School, and the Gifford School. Points of interest in Weston include the Blessed John XXIII National Seminary, the Golden Ball Tavern, the Weston Friendly Society of the Performing Arts, and the Case Estates.